Thursday, June 3, 2010

VirtuoCity in Google Earth

The concept is great -- a real life second life that has real utility for urban explorers and visitors. Mark Veth presented this at the FMX 2010 conferences where we also presented (as part of the 5d group). What I was championing for at the conference was adding another layer of utility to great tools like this -- the... ability to conduct real-time experiments in urban redesign with accurate physics and plausible social consequences -- for example, in Cairo Egypt we are working with communities to build solar hot water and biogas systems and site them properly. We would like the community to be able to "play" through various green retrofit scenarios by branching off from what currently exists to model a hypothetical future. It would kind of be like a real-life real time mix of SimCity and the Sims meets Google Sketchup and Spore with the chance to try "what-if" scenarios for community and household improvement. Would that be possible to do ? Who will work on this with us?

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The VirtuoCity is a unique multi-user online engine for Virtual Worlds developed by Cebra BV in the Netherlands. It allows Google Earth to zoom in a little further.
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