Thursday, June 3, 2010

BioGaZ in the 'Hood

Thomas Henry Culhane  

"BioGaZ in the 'Hood" : Fellow "Crowd Sourcing Science" "Cloud Computing Data Miners" and "Citizen Science" Collaborators - Solar CITIES colleague Alvaro Silva's home biogas system in South Central L.A. is now producing huge flames. It seems that temperature was indeed the main barrier to production, even in L.A. which had an unusual cold snap (it uses mesophiles), underscoring our urgent need to get more data on not only psychrophilic production, but mixed production from hybrid systems that can work all temp regimes. Please do post pictures of your own systems if you can with info on when and at what temp they started producing so we can figure out how to optimize. This is excitin...

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  A great day to wake up to upon our arrival in the U.S.: Alvaro Silva has just posted these pictures showing that our first Solar CITIES home-scale biodigester at his home in South Central Los Angeles is now producing good methane. It took a couple of months because the weather had been cold in L.A. in February and March and we started the digestor with a rather small bacterial population: less than 40 kg of horse manure from Griffith Park Equestrian Center, some of it dry. This result suggests not only that the 460 Lucas system in Santa Rosa should also be producing now, but that the Palestinian Wildlife Society system should work, despite the small starter culture. Now it is just a question of not overfeeding! Good work Al!

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