Thursday, June 3, 2010

Searching for Original Version of Chinese Song "Wo ai Ni"

Does anybody know where one can find the original version of this song, which was a slow ballad very popular in Indonesia when I lived there in the mid 1980s doing rain forest research and following orangutans at Gunung Palung Nature Reserve in Borneo? This remix contains the same lyrics and melody but has, in my opinion, spoiled the essence of the Chinese song as it originally came out, replacing its resplendent traditional Koto licks with syndrum beats. At UNESCO they gave Kilian a Yang Yang doll and he sings Wo Ai Ni to it all the time (as well as saying "Ni how ma, Hung Hao" and "Shia-Shia" to it. Would love to play him the original song.

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khmer version of wo ai ni...
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