Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chance for Growth - Neues

  T.H. and Sybille and Kilian participated in the
"Chance for Growth" NGO fundraiser in Essen where we spoke briefly
about Solar CITIES' partnership with this excellent group to bring
home-scale renewable energy to their project sites in the
Philippines and India and start a new project with mitglieder Paul "Chido" and Judith Iwunna in Nigeria.

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Philippinen, M�rz 2010 Sozialarbeiterin auf der Isla VerdeDie 20-j�hrige Lorenzana Orozco Arieta �bernimmt vor Ort die Patenkindbetreuung Lorenzana Orozco Arieta, 20 Jahre alt, stammt aus dem Barangay Quirapi in Castilla, Sorsogon. ...

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„chance for growth” promotes the development of people in deprived regions of the earth with the intention of giving them the "chance" to achieve more growth and progress. The main focus of our work is ...
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Thomas Henry Culhane
Thomas Henry Culhane
The fundraiser was exactly the way we believe all these events should be -- besides the "serious" presentations it included juggling and circus arts, live music, great food, games and races, and a chance for families, doctors, scientists, lawyers, organizers, philanthropists, engineers, etc. and
"children of all ages" to play together while getting serious things done. Kilian had a blast doing artwork and tumbling with the other kids.
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