Thursday, June 3, 2010

Eutectic Refrigeration

Thomas Henry Culhane Mike Rimoin Hanna Fathy Rostom 

While we're on the subject of Eutectics take a look at these 12 volt eutectic refrigerators and freezers used for sailboats; the physics of them suggest they are well suited for medical refrigeration for the Congo and possibly, with modification, for biogas fueling. The difference between... eutectic systems and normal aluminum plate systems is amazing (1.82 cycles per day with a run time of 6.7 hours/day vs. 46 run cycles with a run time of 14.4 hours).

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Thomas Henry Culhane

Eutectic freeze crystallization for generating high-quality water product water from urine. Something to explore for those interested in avoiding the much hyped "water wars" of the future.

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