Thursday, June 3, 2010

Serious Games: Virtual reality and social-ecological systems

Garrett Hardin's famed but flawed idea of the "tragedy of the commons" has the
basis for much of the world's policies for (mis-) managing resources. Finally a serious computer game has modeled how humans can beat the tragedy of the commons and actually increase harvests and create sustainable yields. The key (as if we didn't know!): good communication skills. Just ask your wife.

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ScienceDaily (May 1, 2010) Research conducted in a computerized microworld by scientists at Arizona State University and Indiana University, including Nobel laureate Elinor Ostrom, show how common-pool ...
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Thomas Henry Culhane
Thomas Henry Culhane
Too bad the graphics in this otherwise superbly programmed simulation are so primitive and pac-man ugly; no wonder they had to "pay the university students to take the game seriously". EA Games, Sony Playstation, XBox, Disney Interactive and Wii developers (and friends at 5d and FMX) please take note -- we folks in planning and policy NEED you to ... See Morehelp us create really fun, cool, engaging game simulations that can firmly debunk the outdated theories of folks like Hardin (from 1968 for god's sake!) that have been misused and caused so many miscommunication and development blunders.

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