Thursday, June 3, 2010

Evidence Of 'Rain-making' Bacteria Discovered In Atmosphere And Snow

The plot thickens: yet more evidence that understanding microbes and harnessing their capabilities symbiotically could hold the key to truly sustainable development. Now we are learning why clearing areas of vegetation so radically affects rainfall patterns -- it isn't all the absence of plant transpiration. One of th...e conclusions of this study: if we want to avoid droughts and improve agriculture we should seek to provide healthy habitats for the rain and snow making bacteria (i.e. stop deforestation and desertification) while seeking to interrupt the "plant pathogen" phase of these important cycles of bio-precipitation (i.e. the bacteria "make rain" to help them expand their range, but can be bred to feed on non-commercial crops and pest plants while retaining their vital rain-nucleating properties" .

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ScienceDaily (Feb. 29, 2008) Brent Christner, LSU professor of biological sciences, in partnership with colleagues in Montana and France, recently found evidence that rain-making bacteria are widely distributed in the atmosphere. ...
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