Thursday, June 3, 2010

Iridium Flares

Thomas Henry Culhane  

Here is the "IFO" responsible for so many observations of what I also naively threw in the UFO category years back in the deserts of Jordan. That night 3 flared at almost the same time but serendipitously in sequence while crossing in different directions and angles giving the appearance of a single "zigzagging" spacecraft that seemed inexplicable. Ah how the laws of chance fool the wishful thinker!

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Thales Alenia Space of France will build the satellites - 66 to form the operational constellation, the remainder to act as spares.

Thomas Henry Culhane  

Obviously Iridium flares can be observed anywhere. There are websites that predict them based on the Iridium satellite orbits so you can amaze your friends with your Aztec Priestly Powers, and maybe have yourself declared one of the "new gods". Check out
for timetables. With France now fu...nding the deployment of 66 more of these low orbit satellites with their uniquely designed "flare producing" solar panels (the biggest commercial space project in the world today), expect to see a lot more of these phenomena (and a lot more spurious UFO reports by those who don't read enough!)

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This flare of iridium 60 with a magnitude of -7 was filmed in Muenster-Hiltrup (Germany), 700 meters away from the flare centre. 19th of June, 2009 at 23:10:07 o'clock (CEST). This film shows quite exactly the impression which one has with unaided eyes. Camera: Panasonic SDR-H280 with NightView.
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Thomas Henry Culhane 

IFOs. On three occasions - in the summer of 2004 in Jordan's Wadi Rum desert (where Lawrence of Arabia was filmed), in 2006 along the Egyptian Alexandria Desert Road returning from watching the eclipse with UCLA grad students and finally at Olo Dunyo Waas reserve with the Masai in Kenya in April of 2010 I observed th...ese celestial phenomena and classified them as UFO's for want of identification. Now they appear to be IFOs -- not just "identified flying objects" but "Iridium Flare Observations". Too bad really -- I was kind of hoping there was more too them of the ET sort. Still, the skeptic in me is pleased to have a rational explanation. Vive la science!

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Perfect video!!!
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