Monday, August 24, 2009

(R) Evolution, the television series

The Lil' Jams crew put this flattering piece together for a pitch to the Discovery Channel of our TV concept for (R) Evolution, a high concept travel show that takes viewers with me around the world seeing the fantastic hopeful technologies available to you and me and "the other 90%", turning "green" from a utopian fantasy fit only for the wealthy to something practical we can all do. We got to the final round though the project eventually got shelved. Thanks to Colin Filkow for working so hard to put us on the plate. Next time we're up at bat we're looking at a home run!
(PS, I'm not really "fluent" in six languages, as the trailer states, merely "conversant" (i.e. I can read and write at at least the 1st to 3rd grade level, reading popular magazines, comic books and watch movies and have street conversations in English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic and Indonesian; Sybille and I are also coming along in American Sign Language as we teach our German-American baby son Kilian enough ASL to have a common reference language word for things that he must learn in at least two spoken languages. Neither of us speak Elven or Klingon).

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