Monday, August 24, 2009

Extreme Efficiency in your Eco-Home

 which has a must-read article called

Extreme Efficiency

Originally published in Home Power #112
April & May 2006
Written by Larry Schlusser PhD, Owner of Sun Frost

As we continue to develop the 460 Lucas Santa Rosa foreclosure property as a a green-retrofit eco-home demonstration model for "Joe the Plumber" and the rest of us average Americans who believe green is the new red white and blue, it helps not have to re-invent the wheel (or the heliostat, or the macerating toilet or...). This site is excellent if you want to go for "extreme efficiency" (Pareto optimality in both engineering and economics) in you home.

Larry Schlusser lives not too far from Santa Rosa, so we hope we can get him down to the 460 Lucas green collar jobs training site eco-home and get his advice on how we might take things "to the next level", for the "other 90%".

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Akabal said...

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