Monday, August 24, 2009

Landfills? Let them eat cake...

Food waste from 2,300 restaurants is collected and taken to the East Bay Municipal Utility District's wastewater facility. The food decomposes in a digestive tank for 20 days, and the resulting methane gas is harvested and converted into energy. (Peter DaSilva / For The Times / August 19, 2009)
I knew we were in a progressive area working in Northern California! Many thanks to Oscar Chavez of Community Action Partnership for passing this our way -- as the Bay Area utilities increasingly implement successful biomethane models it should becom...e easier and easier for us to get acceptance for our home scale biomethane solutions -- after all, the act of collecting and transporting the food scraps consumes energy (often fossil fuel derived) decreasing your net gains. "Methanogising" (I just made that word up!) on site (in situ gasification) will increase yields. And what should we do with all the landfills you ask? Let them eat cake.

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