Thursday, August 13, 2009

Insinkerator Bio Charge innoculants: A great technology for enhancing your home biogas digester

InSinkErator garbage disposal accessories are the choice of 9 out of 10 plumbing professionals.

Just as Peter and Katey Walter Anthony and Sybille and I and Dereck and Beverly Joubert launch into serious discussion of how we can bring extremophile innoculants to temperate zone biogas digesters to improve their performance and make them compet...itive with fossil fuel sourced gas, a trip to Home Depot today teaches me that the great company that makes Insinkerator Waste Disposal Units (and recommends them for facilitating biogas production) has started marketing "bio-charge" bacteria kits that hook up to a new design and improve the efficiency of the waste disposal unit. They aren't using Katey's extremophiles, and they are targeting owners of septic tanks, but what is a septic tank but a potential biogas digester that is stupidly plumbed to a leach field so that the gas and fertilizer are lost? The new insinkerators that use the "biocharge" could be incorporated into our household biogas designs, showing once again that off-the-shelf technologies exist that we can improve!

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