Friday, January 8, 2010

Movie Review - Garbage Dreams - The Struggles of Cairo’s ‘Garbage People,’ but No Whining - NYTimes.

Thomas Henry Culhane  

An excellent review of the marvelous film about our friends from Spirit of Youth! You can actually see the very first hand-made solar hot water system we built on the roof of the Zabaleen school in this photo, and behind the camera is one of our experimental urban-waste-to-biogas digesters that can help replace the fun...ction of the pigs that were slaughtered. See the movie and if you can, help us get Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) funds to the community to help Adham and Nabil and Osama reclaim the Zabaleen's world-record recycling rate of 80% through waste-to-energy systems (with proper funding we can even turn sewage waste into clean fuel for electricity production). (PS, Yes, this is the very place and people that Professor Randall Crane's UCLA Urban Planning students visited in 2006; thanks Guillermo and Jane for sharing!)
“Garbage Dreams,” directed by Mai Iskander, follows young people who collect trash in Cairo, a city of 18 million residents that has no official sanitation services.

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