Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dometic DRC4000 3 -Way Portable Refrigerator

We should investigate this 3 way portable refrigerator more. At 400 dollars on sale, given that it is an absorption chiller that can be powered by gas, OR AC or DC electricity it seems to hold a lot of promise. We need to see how it adapts to low pressure biogas and how cold it keeps vaccines and medical su...pplies, but it looks ideal for the "Rumble in the Congo". Any idea why these aren't being used there?

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Propane, 12v DC or 120v AC Powered
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Lara Morrison
Lara Morrison
On a completely different note. The Land Institute has a 50 year Farm Bill proposal you would like.
January 26 at 11:50pm ·
Edwind Suryadi
Edwind Suryadi
I have one mr Culhane, it's DC powered. I bought for 65$
January 28

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