Friday, January 8, 2010

EGYPT: Plenty of Sun, Nobody Catching any Rays - IPS

Thomas Henry Culhane  

This excellent article captures many of the points that were in the chapter on solar heating of water that I had to cut out of my dissertation. I recommend it to anyone who wants to know why Egypt uses so little solar hot water (400,000 m2 for 80 million, with half not working (!), compared to neighboring Israel's 6 million m2 for 6 million people) . However in this "new Obama era" (with the American juggernaut that controls Egyptian energy policy finally adopting European sensibility) "many Egyptians [are] thinking that if European
energy users see the commercial viability of generating solar energy in Egypt
and transporting it thousands of kilometres, surely Egyptians can do it in
their own backyard."
Egypt receives some of the highest annual solar radiation in the world, yet the desert country remains heavily dependent on fossil fuels.

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