Saturday, July 10, 2010

Is My In-Sink Garbage Disposal Eco-Friendly? : TreeHugger

This article will try to convince you that Insinkerators are not the eco-friendly solutions that you see me promoting around the world, but all of their arguments against the systems are really arguments against the antiquated way we manage waste water. 

Where the insinkerator becomes completely positive is when we use  home-scale and community biogas solutions to our kitchen waste streams. Under these conditions they beat the under-sink composter the article talks about hands down. And here's a thought to you potential investors out there -- if Nature Mill can successfully market a high tech composter for apartments (see why not consider helping us market our home scale biodigestors that can hook up to your insinkerator?

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Image credit: gregor_y Dear Pablo, I have been wondering for some time if I should be using the garbage disposal or not. The InSinkErator website talks about the environmental benefits of disposers, but is this just greenwash? According to
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