Saturday, July 10, 2010

Contenta Converter - A professional photo converter

After much frustrating trial and error I finally found a freeware batch converter for Mac OS 10.4 that doesn't seem to crash, so I am now bit by bit reducing the image sizes and uploading Hanna's thousands of "lost Africa photos" of our biogas building trip to Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and Egypt to Flickr at More will be posting as I convert and upload them (without a batch processor it is impossible to upload photos that are as large as 3MB each. Got to get them down to under 1MB each!).
 CA"I shoot RAWs every day and I love your converter. This really saves time."Jim Richardson, Indianapolis"I have to say that I've been looking at photo converters and yours is clean, simple, and awfully good."Brandon Keegan, NY
ACDSee Beta for Mac will do this too, and is free.
Had you had a play with Automator?

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