Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chena Hot Springs Absorption Chiller

  This innovative absorption chiller that we visited, developed by Bernie Carl at an R and D cost of 200,000 dollars but able to be built for 50 grand, refrigerates the entire ice museum in the hot summer using a hot water source at 155 degrees Fahrenheit. It can thus be run not only on low grade geothermal power but other modest heat sources like biomass heat, biogas heat and solar heat. Ideal for hot countries like Egypt!

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Welcome to Alaska's only year round 100+ year old hot springs resort!

 There are 150 spots in Alaska that can be tapped for this economical and ecological solution to large scale energy production. Tell Sarah Palin that this is the right way to "drill baby drill". The innovative technology developed here is so good it can be used with hot water sources as low as 165 degrees fahrenheit. This makes it good for many places in Egypt too, and all over the world.

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Welcome to Alaska's only year round 100+ year old hot springs resort!

February 14 at 10:06am

  Leaving Fairbanks after seeing thermokarst lakes with methane seeps, making a presentation to research group at U. Fairbanks and visiting incredible low temperature absorption cooling system (155 F) and low temp geothermal electric generation plant (165 F, lowest temp water in the world) cleanly running entire heavy electrical, heating and cooling loads of Chena Springs Resort Community.

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Thomas Henry Culhane
Leaves you wondering "we need more oil and nukes why exactly?" See
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