Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sustainability album by Game Changer Mike Bonifer

Mike Bonifer

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Biodigester installation. T. H. and Alvaro, who was his student at Jefferson High, 18 years ago. The biodigester will supply the cooking and heating fuel for Al's house in South Central.
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Thomas Henry Culhane Alvaro SilvaFinal parts to get are: 2 1/2" threaded (one side only) PVC elbows, 1 1/2 " union, 1 1/2 female threaded (one side) junction, 1 1" valve, 1 1" elbow, 2 1/2 thread to 1/2" barbed hose connector (brass), 1 20 or 30 gallon bucket with lid, 1 1/12 HP garden pump (up to 12 foot height pumping capacity.). That should do it! See you in a few.

Thomas Henry Culhane

Thomas Henry Culhane Alvaro Silva Hi Al, we will go pick up the horse manure, hopefully at the Equestrian Center (should have thought to ask the Zoo for more exotic poop for the "biodiversity digestor" :) ).

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Mike Bonifer

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Biodigester installation
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