Saturday, February 6, 2010

Alvaro Silva and T.H. Culhane, working with Mike Rimoin and Mike Bonifer (with assistance from Sybille and Kilian Culhane) will be building a Culhane style Solar CITIES biodigester system this weekend to turn kitchen waste into cooking gas and fertilizer. Students from Pfitzer College will be in attendance as well as... possibly some UCLA faculty and friends and we will be videotaping and photographing the event to help in the construction of a Spanish/English how-to booklet for do-it-yourselfers. Mike Rimoin will also be discussing ways of converting trucks to run on waste vegetable oil (one of his specialties) and exploring different designs for hot water systems and renewable energy systems. While we will be very busy but visitors are welcome to come and observe, photograph, pitch in, bring food and drinks and network (though we will be focused on building).
T.H. apologizes to friends and family in the area for the short notice and for not being able to arrange to get together during this brief in/out visit to the U.S. but hopes you can make it to the workshop!

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A home-scale workshop for garbage-to-gas production
Saturday, February 6, 2010 at 12:05pm
Solar South Central, home of Alvaro Silva

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