Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Welcome to the Coral Reef: The Zooxanthellae Rockabilly

Thomas Henry Culhane Moshira Hassan, Guy Jobbins

Just learned there is another "natural science song and dance man" out there who created a Zooxanthellae song (remember the Zooxanthellae rockabilly song I wrote for your AUC marine biology class at the red sea? Fun memories. I've posted it here at http://melodic-mnemonics.blogspot.com/2...009/09/welcome-to-coral-reef.html

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Billy B., the self-described "natural science song and dance man" and creator of the BioBlitz anthem for the Rock Creek Park BioBlitz in 2007, leads kids from Homestead's Laura C...
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Moshira Hassan
Moshira Hassan
Hey TH,
Thanks loads for uploading your Zooxanthellae rockabilly song. That was a fun course, and your songs really made it real!
May 5 at 8:28am · 

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