Friday, May 14, 2010

أصدقاء ، أحتاج مساعدة في ترجمة كلمات الأغاني العلوم إلى اللغة العربية. وأنا وألقى
محاضرة عن الغاز الحيوي في فلسطين يومي الاثنين والثلاثاء. إذا كنت يمكن أن تترجم الكلمات إلى الأغنية بالنسبة لي
وسأكون في غاية الامتنان

.Hey friends, I need help translating some science song lyrics into arabic. I am making a presentation on biogas in Jerusalem and the West Bank and Ramallah on Monday and Tuesday. If you can translate the words to the song for me I would be very grateful. ُThe song is the biogas song and the link is below.

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Melodic-Mnemonics is a method of teaching science through multi-media and music-video production developed by T.H. Culhane. The idea is to use all the vocabulary words from each chapter in the textbook to compose lyrics, then set them to music, then illustrate them with appropriate imagery. ...
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