Monday, May 3, 2010

Thomas Henry Culhane This is what I'm getting at in my status update -- we haven't used the right paradigm on spaceship earth and it is hampering our efforts on anthropogenic spacecraft, viz: "A third crew member on one or both missions could
complicate living arrangements, including the use of food and hygiene
facilities. It would also caus...e the consumables to be depleted at a
much higher rate.
Some of the resources on board Tiangong, such as water, are expected to
be partially recycled. This could be sustainable for a two-person crew,
but it's possible that the on-board systems would have trouble dealing
with the waste products of three people." Since we haven't been looking at "waste products" as resources all of our designs and current technology is hamstrung by them. I suggest a rethink... larger crews theoretically (given the almost infinite energy supply up there) should cause the consumables to be depleted at a much slower rate. EO Wilson's species-area relationships in island biogeography sugge...

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Sydney, Australia (SPX) Mar 05, 2010 - We've recently had another short up periscope moment in monitoring China's human spaceflight program. This latest scan, produced from some Chinese media statements, ...

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