Sunday, October 31, 2010

Third trial of Dometic Refrigerator on Biogas

After 6 hours of biogas operation (this time in our apartment at a balmy 18 C ambient temp) we are down to -20 C in the freezer and -1.1 in the main fridge, sipping only 230 or so liters of biogas. This time Ahmed Khalifa and I have put Ahmed's data logger inside so we will publish graphs... soon. We also will explore how quickly the fridge loses heat when the gas is off,with and without extra insulation. The great thing is that we are almost 40 C below ambient, which bodes well for African applications. In the end we got 6 hours and 45 minutes from less than 300 liters.  Last time we ran for 7 hours (and got down to -26.2 C in freezer and -4 C in refrigerator).

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It doesn't seem cheap, but it's a solution!