Sunday, October 31, 2010

Take care of your own Sh%t!

Got first flammable methane from diaper-waste fed bathroom biodigestor after a month hydraulic retention time at an average temp of 20 C. Now confident we should bring the macerating toilet pump to Botswana to include in our project there.

 Indelicately put, our campaign is called "Take care of your own sh%t!".  If we had a code of ethics that said "every family is legally and morally responsible not only for what goes into their house but what comes out", and you had to prove your wastes could cause no harm to others before discharge to our environment, there would be no cholera or other waste and water-borne diseases killing children right now.

Thomas Henry Culhane We won't add kitchen waste to this until we understand how much loading it can take with fecal material on a weekly basis, and examine the effluent after processing in a second tank to see what the reduction in E coli is, if any.




Thomas Henry Culhane This series from Vietnam is one of the best for understanding exactly how to build a fixed dome underground biodigestor from brick and mortar.

Translation was completed on 27/08/2010 These models called "KT1, KT2" are being applied in the Biogas Support Program in Vietnam. ( So far, there are about 250,000 biogas plants constructed in Vietnam. In which, the fixed dome model accounts for about 60%, VACVINA model accounts

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