Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stopping Cholera

This is the article that inspired me over the last three days to go out and buy the parts to assemble what I hope will be a "home scale water-borne disease prevention system". I ask all who like to tinker to get involved and help figure out a way to prevent water borne disease deaths with the assumption that municipalities, governments and aid agencies will not be able to supply the needed infrastructure in time, if ever. This is something that needs individuals, small businesses and communities to come together and mobilize. As the program "Save our Streets" used to say, "Not one more child lost... NOT ONE MORE!"

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    • Balogun Oluwasegun Funny thing I was just thinking of you and a thought crossed my mind you will be thinking of Nigeria, so I check your wall and it is so true. I will read the report, count me in.
      September 19 at 12:29am ·
    • Balogun Oluwasegun
      Well TH I read parts of the report largely familar to me. The question I want to ask was the same Carl asked-who will pay for it?

      Secondly, If you can develop a low cost technolo
      gy of treating water and
      perhaps we can put together so small e...dutainment production to raise awareness on Cholera,will this help?See More
      September 19 at 12:34am ·
    • Thomas Henry Culhane
      It's overwhelming Balogun, and I have no idea who will pay for prevention, so I'm hoping that the experiments will show effective ways to win value added products from fecal wastes at a community scale (gas and fertilizer for obvious, but then there are all the chemicals to be recovered, N, P, K are just the beginning). Then it might become in the interest of a waste recovery company to subsidize installation of units, perhaps with copayment by dwellers (shared ownership over wastes that have value and that actually belong to the consumer). But the point now is that people feel disempowered -- they watch their children die and feel overwhelmed, waiting with hurt resignation for some big entity to swoop in and make much needed reforms but unable to see how they can make a difference themselves. I am hoping that perhaps if they see people solving problems and turning them into opportunities for themselves, and it doesn't seem to require a major project to implement or a Ph.D. to understand, the WTP values will be there and encourage small enterprises to make small scale solutions more efficient and affordable. So we take the first step. And yes, an edutainment campaign would be a great start.See More
      September 19 at 12:44am ·

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