Friday, April 16, 2010

First biogas system in Kalinzi, Tanzania

After 4 days without electricity in the mountain village of Kalinzi, Tanzania, disturbed that we, like the villagers, were forced by circumstances to use kerosene to heat our bathing water and firewood to cook our meals, Grace Gobbo (Tanzania), Hanna Fathy (Egypt) and I (Germany) have finally finished two in-ground biogas digestors and were able to demonstrate the clean, perpetual blue flames that will help halt deforestation and the importation of filthy fossil fuels.

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Eric Santiestevan
Eric Santiestevan
That is effin' RAD.

Just a side thought--TH, you know that Haiti is almost completely deforested due to charcoal making. That place is screaming out for these kinds of biogas digesters (and all the aid it can get).
April 16 at 11:12pm · 
Thomas Henry Culhane
Thomas Henry Culhane
Find us enough funding to get out there and buy materials, get us a place to stay with a family and some food and we'll find some time to get out there! You can consider yourself a member of Solar CITIES and write yourself into any grants and we can go out there together! Wouldn't that be a great reunion Eric? If you have a contact in Haiti let's do it! Our next project here in Africa is biochar to complement the biogas (biogas provides home fuel, biochar gives the families a source of income to replace revenue lost from decreased charcoal selling opportunities -- the end market doesn't care if the charcoal comes from trees or waste biomass but the villager depends on selling charcoal to make ends meet; here in Tanzania villagers use firewood but make charcoal to sell to the city. We are supplying biogas to replace the firewood but need to start our biochar project to protect their livelihood. Let's work together on this, shall we? We need you in Solar CITIES Eric (also for the musical goodwill ambassador portion of our mission!)

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